************ The Prime Minister says 7/10 people are overpaying on their energy bills ************
Please note that the Prime Minister didn't say this, and it is most definitely not part of his job to say it either. Especially not during the current pandemic.

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No one compares more suppliers than us

  • Switching online only takes 4 minutes
  • Easy to switch even if you do not have your usage figures
  • You will only need to supply final meter readings and that is it
  • You will not notice when your supplier changes - there is no outage
  • It is the same gas and electric no matter who your supplier is
  • Take the uncertainty out of monthly bills and price rises
If you would rather speak to someone to help with the switch then you can call 0203 915 9088, you will get the same prices as online but it will take 15 minutesIf you are in a fixed term contract you can switch fee free 49 days before the end of the contract. With any new contract you have a 14 day cooling off period.
There was a phone number here but I removed it from this page.

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