Signs Of A Phishing Scam
Many of these signs will not appear on some phishing emails. As a rule, I say be suspicious if you spot one, treat it as a scam if you spot two.

Commons signs of a phishing scam:

  • Poor Appalling grammar
  • A sense of urgency
  • A potentially fake link to a possibly fake website, even if it looks genuine
  • Looks like it is from a genuine organisation
  • Will sometimes end up leading to some form of request for money (it may not be obvious but can still be there)
  • Asking for details (often more so than most of the organisations would)
  • The email address may have 1 or 2 slightly different characters from the address of the actual organisation
  • A request for money so you they can give you money later
  • An offer of money, may or may not include a request to receive the money or a portion of it back at a later date
  • From a person you don't know at all
  • More will be added to this list.

Things to remember

  • Most banks will never ask for your PIN
  • Banks will NEVER contact you by email - emails aren't exactly secure…
  • It is exceedingly rare for an organisation to contact you about anything money-related by email whatsoever
  • If it sounds too good to be true it probably is
  • If it comes from a person you don't know, often in a bad situation, it is likely a scam
  • You can often hover your mouse over links to see where they lead, they can be disguised to look like they go to a genuine site but actually lead to a fake
  • Gift cards are often (but by no means always) the choice currency of scammers.
  • More will be added to this list.
I just want to say something. If you look in the 'other scams' hub you will find many phishing emails on coronavirus. I think I speak for us all when I say it is purely sickening that these vile criminals are taking advantage of the pandemic and the fear it creates. If you want accurate advice about coronavirus, remember that scam emails are a stupid place to look. For proper advice visit the website of the best health service in the world, the NHS. Alternatively, look at the World Health Organisation's official site.
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