[Quiz] Guess Which Of These Is The True Cause Of Your Sluggish Brain


This is a scam that offers some medical assistance of some form and doesn't really help at all. It is sent very randomly, I received it and I am not American or a senior.

[QUIZ] Guess which of these is the TRUE cause of your sluggish brain? (answers inside)

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Hey [part of email address before the @ sign],

Huge news!

Independent researchers have finally figured out what caused Einstein to be such a mental powerhouse.

But if what I’m about to reveal hits the media… and god forbid Big Pharma gets a whiff… it’s all over.

So do us both a favor and don’t share.

What is this new “mental discovery” that’s getting researchers giddy like a bunch of school girls?

Before I share this finding, let me set the stage about what allowed Einstein to discover E=MC² while daydreaming.

According to a group of neurological experts, his brain was 15% larger than normal. But more importantly is what that additional brain tissue produced in his brain…

… and how you can tap into that same source of memory enhancement.

In order for you to prevent your brain from repeating the same jokes and stories over and over again and making your close family members think you’ve gone off the deep end, you must properly balance this same element Einstein had in abundance.

To help you do that is my good friend Dr. Ryan Shelton.

He’s created a shocking presentation that dives deep into the science behind why this nutrient can cause your brain to go on the fritz and how to identify the 3 “mind assassins” crushing the mental concentration of American seniors, like yourself.

Go here to watch it now (it’s free).

When your body drops its defense and overproduces a dangerous enzyme that blocks neural connections, you start to forget the simplest of things.

You start driving off with your coffee still sitting on the roof of your car. You struggle to remember the names of people you’ve known for years. You can’t remember stories or events that you used to remember.

Losing your mental cognition is a horrifying experience. If you’ve noticed your mind beginning to slow down lately, it will only get worse.

Unless you fix it now.

So do yourself a favor and discover how the brain works – and how you can regain the quick, witty mind you had in your younger years by learning how these 3 “mind assassins” are destroying your brain performance - by watching this presentation from Dr. Shelton.

Click here to watch the presentation.


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