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Megan Brennan <moc.tsop|ecivestsopasu#moc.tsop|ecivestsopasu> Fri, 12 Jun, 20:41

Good day to you, i am (Megan Brennan) Director general of United States Postal Service (USPS). I'm contacting you regarding your parcel that has been registered with us for shipment to your residential address, We thought the sender gave you our contact details, so We have been waiting on you to contact us for your parcel till now.
It might interest you to know that a letter is also added to your parcel which we cannot quote the content to you via email for privacy reasons. But we understand that the content of your parcel is a MONEY ORDER worth ($500,000.00 USD) $1,000.00 USD on each MONEY ORDER copy all in an envelop. Text me urgently with your

Full Name,
Phone number,
and Email address.
To: (+1321-425-7115) Text only. OR send mail to (moc.tsop|ecivestsopasu#moc.tsop|ecivestsopasu).
NOTE: You have to pay the Shiping and stamping fee of $50 as it was not being paid by the sender.

Yours Faithfully,
Megan Brennan
Director General of United States Postal Service
Office Address 5675 CAROLINA BEACH RD WILMINGTON, NC 28412-362

These scammers actually put some effort in and gave the address of a real USPS office, very clever.
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