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By this point, the legal babble reduced me to a point where my only option was to trick the scammers into running a program that probably deletes there entire C: drive and deletes key registers on their computer (if it works, my hard drive is so small I can't make a windows 10 VM to test :(…).

The email

I would like to explain now how we will procure the document. One of my friends is very clever and knows a lot about foreign law and agreed to look into it for me. They managed to find a way but I didn't really understand it so they made a program for me to understand. You will need to download the .txt attachment then open it then save as. At the bottom where it says 'save as type' select all files. Save it as ProcurementGuide.bat. You can then run it and it will open up an external website that explains it all (hence why the program is short, it only needs to open the site). Hopefully this will be sorted soon and you can come over to my country!

Please note I also attached the program I mentioned as a .txt.

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