Maria Benard Email 3


The opening to this email really mentally hurt me. It was also at the point of this email I realised if I wanted to keep trying to scambait I would need to understand the legal babble. I can't be bothered with it, so I decided my reply wouldn't be an attempt to fool the scammers (assuming they actually read the replies).

The email

Fri, 8 May, 23:21 (2 hours ago)
to me

Good evening to you daddy, how are you doing today i receive you mail sorry not responding to you earlier..
I really appreciate you writing back and your willingness to help me out…. mean while about the document, being that you can't come over here in my country i suggest we talk with lawyer to help us stand for us here.. but that the moment all what we need now is getting the document / paperwork which the bank director ask for, for the process of the fund and as they lawyer said that those document are costing $250 dollars which is just the main thing here daddy.
Please i will really love to know how you intend us getting the document.
waiting to here from you soon.
Miss Maria Bernard

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