Maria Benard Email 2

20:45 (2 hours ago)
to me

Greetings to you once more and thanks for your respond to my mail, am very very happy to know that i will be having a new home soon if you can accept me as your daughter or sister as the case may be and i must say i that i really believe you and i can trust you the way you are sounding.
Please am so so sorry I couldn't get back to you immediately as you expected just that i have to inform the bank that i have found a new partner and guardian who i have chosen to manage my late father funds and companies property secondly to know what requirement which is needed from us. Also am ready to accept the any percentage you might demand from the funds, because i can't afford any of the transfer charges to your account and the payment of the documents/paperwork’s that might be needed for the transaction, secondly i really want to relocate to your place so i can continue with my studies and start a new life over there only if you can accept me as yours..

So after brief discussion and meeting with the bank director and the attorney/lawyer who will help us with all the paperwork’s which will be required and as they say he is a specialist and trained personnel on this type of job. The bank Director said that they are law guiding the financial institution here in our country that before the funds can be release to my new guardian that we must first get to submit an APPLICATION OF FUND WITHDRAW REQUEST ( AOFRW) and also present CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE ( COC) paperwork from the high court which they said that the CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE must have your name on it as the new owner and partner of my late father funds which is going to cost $150.00 and the (AOFRW) documentation is $100.00 So am really worried because i don't know if you are coming down to my country or i should go and check on how we can get the document high court before they can release the certificate ?, which will serve as a prove that the government of my country have assign you to manage and take charge of the funds and properties which my late father left.

I await to know how you intend us getting the document or are you coming down to my country to complete this transfer so i can be able to go back with you once the transaction is complete to your account. I don't know where to get start please help me out am really ready to accept any percentage you will demand, please you are all i have and hope on now please help me out i have suffer so much okay i need to continue with my studies once i relocate to your place oversea because ever since i was throw out of the house by my wicked uncle i could not afford to go back to school because i can't afford to take care of my school and now am staying with a poor widow and her two little daughters who pick me from the street after i was throw out of my own father house, please am anxiously waiting to hear from you soon okay.
I will attach my picture and the deposit certificate for your seeing and will also like to see your picture too.
Yours sincerely,
Miss Maria Bernard.


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