Joseph Mensah Email 5 Reply

Dear Joseph Mensah (if that is indeed your real name, which I doubt),
I am not stupid. I have received a very thorough education in phishing scams, and I even have a small website meant to help protect people from them. Your emails have displayed a lot of the signs of a phishing scam, as well as sharing the same general style. On my site I have a list of the common signs. Let's list all the signs on that list I have identified in your emails!
1. Bad grammar/spelling/punctuation (if you work for an organisation like the one you claim to, you should know full stops…).
2. A sense of urgency (don't deny you used the word urgent when talking about you wanting my replies).
3. Asking for details (emails are so insecure, nobody who knows how insecure they are would give real details by email, ever).
4. An offer of money which may or may not include a request to receive a portion of it at a later date.

I also have a list of things to remember, let's list the ones that apply to you.
1. It is exceedingly rare for a genuine organisation/person to contact you about money over an email.
2. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
3. If it comes from a person you don't know, often in a bad situation, it is probably a scam.

Overall, it will take some convincing to persuade me you aren't a scammer.
Lots of contempt,
Sirius Hamster (seriously can't believe you, or your bot or whatever thought/thinks 'Sirius' is/was my real name considering all my details on sites suggesting it is claim Sirius is a hamster, or list my last name as hamster…).

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