Welcome to Stupidly Obvious Scam and Phishing Emails, where I, a very strange human being, will attempt to share and shed light on some phishing scam emails. I will also display my replies where applicable. Some of them come in a series, which will mean I share all the parts of the email. To get started, how about reading about the MARIA BENARD emails. Yes, I know the site is awful but I am not very good at this :(, the only real purpose of this site is to help fight phishing scams and raise a bit of awareness. Also note that many phishing emails talk about things like viagra and sex, I have chosen not to share these emails as they are vile and sickening in how far they go.
To see the common signs of a phishing email click below:
Signs of a Phishing Scam


Bitcoin Based Scams
Joseph Mensah Scam
Megan Brennan Scam
Other Scams

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